domingo, 6 de julio de 2014

Start of Week 2. July 6th...

Today we started the Second Week of Camp Algonquin Spain. We played lots of games to learn everyone´s names, then 
played football, basketball, badminton, jumpy jumpy, archery...
we started to learn songs - they are difficult and all in English, but we will keep practicing...And dinner with Trixie and Ana - eggs, pizza, bread, salad...
More games, a ping pong tournament, and finally to bed in our rooms with our counselors - Jean, Tom, James, Trixie, Meije, Maria, Steve, Chris, and Ana
Tomorrow, to the river or a hike in the mountain, depending on the weather!

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  1. Hi, campers!
    I´m Caroline, julia and Michael´s mother.
    I wrote a post in this blog yesterday but I aven´t experience with blogs and my post was not stored.
    I told you I´m happy beacuse I´m sure you are having good new friends!
    I also told you that you must be benevolent with me because my little English... I had not the chance to be a camper in Algonquin!!!

    Best whises, campers
    See you soon