martes, 8 de julio de 2014

July 7th

A campfire, lots of songs and games, a hike to Viguera and the River! The best part of the day!  And to start the day a Bull from Pamplona! Viva San Fermin!

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  1. Hi campers!
    I´m Caroline again.
    I´m not feeling very good because I´ve seen there are people who are not smiling in every picture... oooooh :(... Julia!, Let smile to the camera, please!!!
    And is it certain that my boy is wearing shoes without tying shoelaces???
    Is it real that he is in first line when somebody is taking a photo?
    Is it true that he look as a monkey in one picture????
    NOOOOOO... I can´t believe it!!!

    I´ve seen you have had a bath in the river! I´m shivering now!... Brrrrr. Be careful, campers but, above all, you must enjoy a lot!!!

    I woul like to see you´re being very happy! I´m sure! Let send us a lot of pictures, please!!
    And remember... Let smile to the camera, little flower!